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The current technological and political landscapes have re-ignited conversations and concerns around digital security, privacy, and media literacy. It is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to ascertain meaning and credibility in the resources they access online, and to understand and manage their digital privacy risks.

Western Libraries has built a foundation for community members interested in addressing these concerns through the creation of the comprehensive “Online Privacy” libguide and the “News Sources” libguide. However, these technological, media, and data literacies are difficult to incorporate into typical in-class library instruction. As a result, students who do not actively seek out this information may not have an opportunity to develop these skills.

Image of Pop-up Event

In this project, I collaborated with Lillian Rigling and Madisson Goldhawk to connect with library users through short-form, light-touch, pop-up based programming. We were able to assess community interest in and attitudes towards digital literacies and promote Western Libraries as a knowledgeable and safe space on campus for questions about privacy and media literacy.

Article - Insider Newsletter Western Libraries 2017-18 Annual Report, Page 6

We are excited to openly share the Digital Literacy Pop-Ups Toolkit! In an effort to share the activities we’ve created with the broader library community, we’ve applied a CC-BY-NC license to its content and put it online for anyone to use.

We also presented a sneak peak of this toolkit and our experience in running pop-up programming at WILU 2018, which was hosted at uOttawa. More about the presentation.