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In the summer of 2017, the RDM Team at Western conducted a survey to learn more about RDM practice on campus. This research is part of the Canadian RDM Survey Consortium’s initiative to collect data on RDM practices and attitudes at Canadian universities.

The dataset linked below includes documentation, data, and the report produced during this research project: Western Libraries and Research Western Research Data Management Team: RDM Survey

Using the information collected through this survey, I created this video to help educate Western’s community on the importance of creating a Data Management Plan and to highlight how Western Libraries and Research Western can help with this process.


Organizing the Research Process: Putting Together your Data Management Plan As a member of the RDM Team at Western, I also had the opportunity to co-instruct part three of the Building and Promoting Your Scholarly Identity Workshop Series, which was dedicated to helping researchers build modern research skills. This hands-on session focussed on organizing the research process using Portage’s DMP Assistant to create a data management plan.

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Our outreach initiatives in the area of RDM continued after the Building and Promoting Your Scholarly Identity Workshop Series with a presentation at the FIMS/Music/Law Spring Research Workshop, “Taking Ownership of your Research Data”.

With the draft Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy now available for consultation, it won’t be long before universities are required to have an institutional research data management strategy. In addition, grant-funded researchers will be required to submit a data management plan and deposit their data into a recognized digital repository.

It is an exciting time for those of us working to develop research data management infrastructure in Canada! Libraries across our nation will be very busy in the coming years, not only helping researchers to meet the Tri-Agency’s requirements but also helping our institutions to meet the needs of researchers.